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Slow Internet, WiFi Disconnects, Can’t Stream, Wanna Scream!!

In the last few weeks, we have had many calls into our office about DSL & Cable services being very slow, hard to stream, and WiFi dropping. We have found the WiFi issue to be resolvable by using better WiFi equipment rather than what the Internet Service Provider is issuing, IF the internet service speed is adequate. You CANNOT tell the actual speeds you are getting by testing anywhere but in the internet equipment itself and that requires logging in to it. When the service is the issue, we have had limited luck by calling the ISP for service upgrades. But we are having tremendous luck by changing to a fiber-based internet service. If you are close enough to the existing fiber, pricing is very reasonable. Call us for assistance if your business is having internet speed troubles. 337.506.2100. We LOVE to help solve IT problems.

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