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IT & Security for South Central LouisianaSince 1999

Information Systems Solutions has been in business since 1999. We’re an HP Authorized Service Center and an HP Healthcare Specialist Partner. We’re also a CompTIA Authorized Service Center. 

We’re on a first-name basis with our customers and have an exceptional relationship with world-class manufacturers. Plus our administrative team has over thirty-four years of IT experience. When you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with a Team who know both leading-edge and legacy systems inside and out.

Lots of companies sell technology. Our company specializes in selling only the Managed IT & Security solutions that are specifically designed for the customer we’re working with. Certainly we make sure that whatever we provide you operates at the highest level of performance, but we also go out of our way to ensure that our recommended solutions will both complement your business and enhance your profit margins.

Our Solutions


IT consulting is about helping people to use the technology they have more effectively. From getting entire office networks set up to installing printers, IT Consulting from ISS covers it all.


Cyber Security services include preventing network attacks, data breaches, protecting privacy, information security management, forensics investigations, and crisis management.


By putting your phone system online, you can make and receive calls remotely, chat with coworkers, and provide consumers with more ways to connect with you than traditional phone lines.


recognized as an exceptional Service Center

Prior to the startup of ISS in 1999, we worked with Enterprise-sized companies being involved with projects such as network installs for hundreds of users, wide area network installs of 20+ branches throughout the state of Louisiana, a ground-level startup of a dialup Internet service, and a complete startup of a Healthcare Information System for a local hospital.

During the years prior to ISS, all of these networks and systems had to be managed to ensure optimal operations and throughput. Back in those days, networks were much slower therefore had to operate perfectly to get data to users efficiently.

Starting up ISS back in 1999 was due to so many people and businesses calling for professional help. They were frustrated with waiting on support services from larger cities or from people who really didn’t understand technology but were decent at using a computer trying to repair their issues.

Since our goal is to provide professional solutions while maintaining a sense of compassion, care, and understanding of the customer’s needs; using these same methods of network management and some custom engineering, our Catalyst & Accelerator Services were born.

In 2011, with over 20 years of IT experience, at the time, we developed our ISS Managed Service Solutions for Small & Medium businesses.

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