Cyber security

Password Managers

So in the last several months of conducting Cyber Awareness training, many attendees are interested in Password Manager apps.

Corporate Password Managers are for an organization to easily keep track of, authorize access to, and keep updated all company credentials and other sensitive information.

Personal Password Managers are for individuals to use for those same reasons and more. Many password managers have fields for your VIN numbers, insurance account numbers, bank account numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Family Password Managers have the same capabilities as Personal Password Managers but also allow sharing of your entire list or specific items in your list.

All of these solutions, should syncronize from your smartphone, to tablet, to personal computer. When you update an item on one device, the others will be updated as well. You can backup your list safely to several different online storage sites.

PAY for your Password Manager. The completely free apps are not free to the person who developed the app, so they must do something to offset their investment. Ads, collecting information to resell, etc. Quality apps may begin with a free trial but would require a payment after the trial period.

If you need more true information on Password Managers or any other IT related topic, contact ISS. We live everyday wanting to help other people leverage technology.

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